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We understand that design of any good product is always human-centric; which should respond to users' every changing need from different angles.

01. Product Design

Our Product Design Team specializes in navigating the design pathway with the guide of our leading human-centric design approach; that begins by knowing the users through contextual studies, marketing intelligence, human factors, and usability assessment before a conceptual design is actually formulated.

We use design-thinking logic to address challenging design, technical issues, intellectual property, and regulatory concerns; and to provide unique and innovative solutions that result in product success or favorable business results.

02. Product Engineering

Our Product Engineering Team develops practical solutions to materialize a product design with their engineering expertise in CAD development, BOM creation, CTF drawings, prototyping, testing and problem-solving, procurement,  and manufacturing support. 

Members of both our in-house design and engineering teams can work closely with their counterparts in every project, bringing a holistic yet efficient product development experience to the clients.

03. UI / UX Design

Our UX / UI Design Team specializes in adopting quantitative and qualitative research method to define how users may interact with a product at different interfaces. 


By adopting our human-centric approach, we aim to deliver usable, delightful, efficient, and fun experiences by incorporating users’ behavior at each point of human-product interaction.

04. Software Egnineering

Our full-service team of specialized software engineers, architects, and developers helps at all phases of a software development cycle and manage complicated challenges for incubating software solutions to our UI / UX design in multiple OS, browser and device platforms.

Our software engineering services provide access to emerging technologies through our vast network of industry partners, covering application modernization, agile transformation, intelligent automation, data management, enterprise architecture, innovation adoption, and application management.

05. Prototyping & Production

Our in-house prototyping workshop and 3D printing facility, along with a group long-term prototyping partners, allow us to produce an extensive range of prototype models quickly, professionally and most importantly, within every budget.  


This is the key to our success to enable our product engineers and designers to promptly explore design alternatives, test theories, and confirm performance prior to commencing production with no delay. 

06. Branding & Marketing

Our brand strategists are passionate about driving human-centric experience across all levels. We connect brands, consumers, and products by focusing on how the three elements interacting amongst each other; and what result would be evoked.

From brand positioning to messaging strategy, content marketing strategy, and performance tracking, we embrace multidisciplinary attributes collectively, from the sectors of design, engineering, UX/UI, software, and production to the total brand value.

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